About Us

Our Story

Vine Private Wealth was founded in 2016 with the premise and desire to rid our society of poverty.

We believe that this can be made possible by ending the cyclical dependency of one generation on the next for financial resource. We are thus purposed to be the vine of knowledge and expertise which enables the people in our society to create and preserve wealth that transcends generations.

We do this by emphasising the importance of financial education, by teaching young professionals and startup entrepreneurs about wealth and how it’s created and preserved, whilst helping them build legal wealth structures that strengthen their personal and corporate finances.

Through empowering young professionals to become debt free and savings positive, we enable them to build capital. This capital may be deployed in creating enterprise. Enterprise invariably yields employment, which enables wider economic participation and higher savings propensity.

We would love you to be a part of our story.


Our Founders

Mphiwa Siza Nombembe

 Bcom Acc. Sci. (UP)

Mphiwa is the founder of Vine Private Wealth; a firm aimed at empowering young professionals to accelerate their journey to wealth and generational prosperity. He’s enabled by an ability to draw parallels between long term strategy and its financial impacts. He has gathered an extensive amount of experience in the Management Consulting arena, with a further experience in Corporate Governance and Finance, Legal Structuring, Financial and Estate Planning. Mphiwa holds a (BCom) degree in Accounting Sciences from the University of Pretoria, attained in 2007. His industry experience spans beyond ten years.

Boipelo Innocentia Nombembe


Boipelo is the co-founder of Vine Private Wealth. As a young, black woman she carries with her an invaluable leadership perspective. Her expertise in law give Vine Private Wealth a dynamic edge in wealth creation, as opposed to a linear approach to financial planning, by giving clients a legal structuring offering. Boipelo is an admitted Attorney and Conveyancer who brings to her clients a wealth of legal and property industry expertise and the better part of four years of experience as Managing Director of BIL Inc. Her experience spans the spectrum of the legal fraternity, including her work in insolvency law, debt collection and property law.

Proud Level 1 B-BBEE

Vine Private Wealth fully supports the spirit and letter of Broad-based black economic empowerment and we always strive to reflect this commitment in our employment equity, skills development, and management structures.

We are proud to be a Level 1 B-BBEE – 100% black owned business.